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First quality beeswax church candles

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Church candles of the first grade made of wax are always in demand in all kinds of rituals

Even if a person went to the church for just a few minutes to pray, in most cases he lights a candle, whether for the health of loved ones or for the repose of deceased relatives. This item is the most popular in the church - it is difficult to imagine liturgies, services, confessions, christenings, prayers and other rituals without candles. Church candles are in active use also outside the walls of spiritual buildings – at home, in cemeteries etc., with their help they remove voodoo, the evil eye, with candles you can consecrate house.

Profitable cooperation with the manufacturer of church candles

The demand for products is always high and we are ready to fully satisfy it. "Candle Factory" offers to buy wax church candles of the first grade. By purchasing our product, buyers will receive:

  • the best price offer;
  • favorable terms of cooperation;
  • high quality products.

We are manufacturers and that means that the cost is much lower than that of other companies working through intermediaries. Both large batches and retail shipping are available. A wide range of diameters and lengths - from 0.575 to 1.1 cm in diameter, from 16.5 to 36 cm in length.

Correct approach to production and high quality of products of the "Candle Factory"

For production of the candles we use natural wax, the process is carried out on special machines and thanks to the technology of air and water cooling, the candles are durable, do not break, and besides they are flexible enough. The paraffin wick ensures fast ignition and smooth burning. Thanks to ecological raw materials, there is no smoking effect and release of toxic substances. Our managers will help you with solving the questions that could rise, we will deliver your purchase to any city in Ukraine, including Kiev.

 No. 20
No. 20 2 kg - 100 pcs Ø ≈ 0.95 cm, ⇕ ≈ 29.5 cm
285.00 UAH
 No. 40
No. 40 2 kg - 200 pcs Ø ≈ 0,775 cm, ⇕ ≈ 25 cm
285.00 UAH
 No. 60
No. 60 2 kg - 300 pcs Ø ≈ 0,70 cm, ⇕ ≈ 21 cm
285.00 UAH
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