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Paraffin black candles

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Black paraffin candles are often used in church liturgies

Almost any ceremony in the church is accompanied by the lighting and burning of candles. But you need to know the meaning of this or that product in order to properly join the holy sacrament. Black candles are used in liturgies, with their help frankincense is burned. We offer black paraffin church candles for churches and common believers.

Benefits of cooperation with the Candle Factory

Benefits of cooperation with our company:

  • affordable price;
  • shipment of consignments of any size;
  • high quality;
  • prompt delivery.

We are a manufacturing plant, which means we are ready to offer prices that are much more attractive than those of our competitors. The production cost of paraffin products is lower, but they have excellent properties and are practically not inferior to wax products.

Composition of black church candles

In addition to paraffin, we add charcoal to the candles, which ensures good burning and adds a special smell to incense. At the same time, there is no smoking effect and burning occurs evenly. Black church candles are also called candles of incense, they can also be used when performing rituals outside the church, for example, in an apartment or house.

Standard products and best purchase conditions

Our store offers standard products 25 cm long and 77.5 mm in diameter. They are sold in a bundle by weight, the weight of such a bundle is about 2 kg. But we work not only wholesale, but also offer our goods it to the customers in retail. A batch of any volume will be delivered to any city of Ukraine without any problems, the maximum lead time is 3 days. Payment both by cash on delivery and by bank transfer as a prepayment.

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