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Paraffin red Church candles

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Red church candles made of paraffin: symbolism and benefits

The candles used in church rituals are distinguished by their laconicism. They are simple, graceful, and have beautiful shades of natural colors. Red color is usually used for tinting festive Easter candles. It symbolizes the martyrdom of the Lord, its accomplishment, the great victory over the death. In the hands of a believer, a red candle expresses participation in the joy of the Easter holiday, prayer and repentance standing in front of God.

Benefits of red paraffin church candles

Paraffin is one of the most popular materials used for manufacturing of candles. It is a refined product that does not have its own taste, color or odor.

Paraffin products have a huge number of advantages:

  • create a triumphant festive atmosphere of divine worship, because they are beautiful and elegant;
  • pleasant to the touch, smooth, slightly oily, comfortable to hold in hand or set in candlesticks;
  • adding of the flavors gives a honey smell to a burning candle;
  • candles can be stored for a long time without loss of aesthetics or functional properties, do not become white coated, do not break;
  • essential additives allow you to destroy harmful bacteria or viruses in the burning room during the divine worship;
  • products made of paraffin evaporate when burning, unlike wax products which create smudges, this makes it easy to clean church utensils, keep room clean and tidy for the whole period of using.

Red church candles made of paraffin from the manufacturer

We offer to buy high-quality paraffin candles of bright red color at competitive economical prices wholesale and retail with convenient and fast delivery to all towns and villages of Ukraine.

Our product:

  • produced on the state of the art equipment of foreign production; mass production can significantly reduce the cost of the final price of products;
  • it is characterized by pleasant smoothness, as well as high strength, since it has gone through a cycle of quenching cooling with ice water during the production process;
  • does not crumble, does not form smudges during burning;
  • burns for a long time, the fire is even and clean;

You can use red church candles both during divine worship and during home prayer.

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