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Water from Pochayiv, Wholesale and retail sales.


Water from Pochayiv - production, sale, wholesale and retail

Water has a sacred meaning, both in the Orthodox and in other faiths. In addition to its direct purpose - thirst quenching of travelers, the water gushing from springs located in the vicinity of saints, prayer places, has a number of healing properties and carries important spiritual meanings, primarily associated with the moral cleansing of a person, his soul.

The small Ukrainian town of Pochayiv, with a history dating back centuries, is known all over the world thanks to the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, where pilgrims flock from different regions of the country, as well as other states. The rich history of Pochayiv itself, plus miraculous icons, great Orthodox shrines stored on the territory of the Lavra - for all this, true believers come here all year round, often even appareled in other faiths. Among other things, the Pochayiv Lavra is famous for its holy healing springs. The purest, crystal water from them does not deteriorate, retains its original freshness and excellent taste for long months, without forming a sediment. According to the testimony of the churchmen of the Lavra and local residents, it is able to heal from many well-known ailments. Serious laboratory investigations were repeatedly carried out during which the researchers assessed the Pochayiv spring water, and it was documented that its constituent components have high anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and wound healing abilities.

Today, in order to touch the life-giving water, it is not necessary to visit Pochayiv, Lavra. With the help of local monks, it was organized the pumping out the miraculous well and small scale production on the territory of the monastery. In the monastery bottling shop, life-giving water is packaged in safe plastic containers and at the final stage is labelled with the brand name "HOLY WATER OF POCHAYIV HILL".

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Our Candle Factory located in the city of Kremenchug offers to purchase bottled spring water (1 liter) from a world-famous source in Pochayiv in wholesale or retail.

We work in any volume; we make prompt shipment of the goods to all regions of Ukraine.