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Beeswax Church Altar candles

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Wax altar candles from the manufacturer

Believers who constantly visit the same church or temple know that patronal festivals are regularly celebrated there. These are important dates for this particular place of God, for example, the date of construction or the veneration of the Saint, in whose honor the temple was raised. The most important attribute of such events is the process of lighting candles and placing them on the altar. And we offer to buy Church altar wax candles from us.

High quality and environmentally friendly altar candles

"Candle Factory" manufactures its products using imported equipment and innovative production technologies. Our wax candles:

  • burn for a long time;
  • do not smoke;
  • spread a pleasant aroma;
  • elastic, do not break or crumble.

Natural manufacturing material guarantees the environmental friendliness of products. During the burning process, parishioners and church officerы feel light honey smells.

Inexpensive goods, wide range

We are manufacturers which means the most attractive prices as we provide our customers with these essential accessories directly. At the same time, we work with both wholesale customers and sell products by retail. All products are provided with quality certificates.

Prompt delivery all over Ukraine

Our church altar wax candles will become the most important part of patronal festivals and an altar decoration, will give parishioners a peaceful, and most significantly, pleasant and long burning. We deliver products throughout the country and of course to Kiev. After ordering a batch of any volume will be delivered no later than 3 days later - often even much earlier.

Престольные свечи - это настоящее воплощение качества и духовности. Я всегда выбираю их для нашей церковной службы, и они никогда меня не подводили. Свечи горят равномерно и ярко, создавая особенную атмосферу поклонения. Эти свечи действительно особенные, и я с удовольствием рекомендую их всем, кто ценит красоту и значимость религиозных обрядов.