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Manufacture and sale of Wax Church Candles. Wholesale and Retail.


Kremenchug Candle Factory: production and wholesale and retail trade of wax church candles

Church candles, unlike ordinary decorative items, serve not to decorate space, create a cozy home environment but to have a much more important meaning. Not a single service in churches is done without use of this significant church symbol, which helps believer to merge with other parishioners into a single impulse, to focus during divine prayers on communion with the Lord, mentally abstracting himself from worldly vanity and existing problems.

Do you plan to order reasonably in wholesale and retail volumes and buy church wax candles from a reliable manufacturer with delivery in Ukraine? We offer to study the range of products from the Kremenchug Candle Factory. Here you can directly purchase church candles from various raw materials, including buying church wax candles of the first and premium grades, made on the basis of high-quality materials, at no extra charge.

Church wax candles: important information

Wax candles are characterized by a long burning time in comparison with paraffin products, they have a more intense, dark yellow color, an elastic structure. After bending a wax candle, it usually remains intact, only slightly changing its original shape. What is important, especially during services, high-quality wax church candles burn out to the very end, smoothly, acquiring a characteristic orange color as it burns. All-natural lighted wax candles smell pleasantly, emitting a delicate aroma around them, sweetened with honey notes. This is due to the fact that the aroma of such candles directly comes from the wax raw material itself, the properties inherent in nature, and is not achieved by manufacturers through the adding of extraneous additives.

Wax church candles wholesale and retail - an offer from the Kremenchug manufacturer

Our Candle Factory, having serious technical capacity, has been engaged in serial production of high-quality and inexpensive church candle products for many years. The production of church candles from wax under the Candy Light trademark is among the main activities of the company. We offer our customers wax candles of various sizes and packaging. In the manufacture of products modern German machines, high-quality and safe raw materials are used.

Stages of production wax candles

The technological process for the production of church candles in our factory can be represented as follows:

The future product by repeatedly passing through an automated "wax shower", grows step by step onto the wick placed inside to the final version. Each next "shower" is alternated with air and water cooling of the candle. The finished product is then subject to chopping, subsequent melting of the wick, prepacking and packing in a special breathable material that prevents damage to the ready product. All products are subject to mandatory check by the quality department, as evidenced by the stamp of the responsible employee.

The distinctive, branded feature of Candy Light candle products is in this moment: after the reflow stage, the candle in the wick area becomes similar in shape to a traditional Orthodox dome.

Wax candles sold by our company are supplied with quality certificates before shipment to customers. The products we offer are distinguished by high quality materials and workmanship, a long burning period, and reasonable prices. Candles are hypoallergenic, absolutely safe when used correctly.

For companies firstly dealing with our brand, the plant gives the opportunity to preliminarily familiarize themselves with the quality of manufactured products by purchasing test samples.
Are you looking for options where you can buy church candles in Ukraine without overpayment for organizing retail trade in church shops? Do you want to order wax candles beyond intermediaries? Contact us in a convenient way, place an order! If in doubt, feel free to contact the company's consultants. They will be glad to provide full information about the candles produced by the company, our prices, warehouse stocks, delivery methods, possible discounts and other equally important work points.

Wax church candles from the Kremenchug Candle Factory – it is a guaranty of the high-quality products at a reasonable price!