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Manufacture and sale of lamp oil and wick for icon lamps. Wholesale and Retail.


Lamp oil, wick – production, wholesale and retail 

Do you need high-quality lamp oil, a wick for icon lamps? Kremenchug Candle Factory is glad to offer you these products on the most favorable terms. Here you can replenish the stocks of the commercial blocks of your parishes at prices from the manufacturer in the required volume.

We sell premium lamp oil of our own production, hydrotreated on modern equipment, in liter and 5-liter containers at reasonable prices.

The oil does not contain water and ensures a smooth burning without crackling during use. It withstands well negative temperatures up to -22 C ° (can be stored for a long time in unheated rooms) and has an ignition temperature of 216 C °. Products are sanitary safe; each batch of goods is supplied with a testing certificate.

In addition, you can buy at our company in any amount wick for lamps of excellent quality in a package of 1 m.

We quickly process the orders and ship goods to all regions of Ukraine.