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Lamp oil

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Clean & Safe Lamp Oil

On the iconostases the icon lamps are always lit, and the raw material for their burning is oil. Hereby we offer to buy lamp oil and ensure the observance of the traditions that came to us from the dim and distant past. Fuel requirements are the strictest for this oil because the burning process is long and therefore you need a product that will not only support the fire, but also meet a number of important requirements.

High quality lamp oil

"Candle Factory" is engaged in the production of oil for lamps, our products will delight you with high quality, as well as a number of additional advantages:

  • safety;
  • cleanness;
  • smooth burning;
  • resistance to low temperatures.

The liquid freezes only at temperatures from 22 degrees, therefor special storage conditions are not required and it can stand in any room of the temple.

Our lamp oil ignites only at a temperature of 216 degrees, which means that there potentially can be no self-ignition. The product has a minimum ash content which means high cleanness and no release of unwanted products. The liquid is hydrotreated which guarantees smooth and long burning without the characteristic crackling. 

Favorable conditions for purchase of oil for icon lamps

Since we are manufacturers we guarantee not only high quality of products but also low prices which makes cooperation profitable and attractive. You can order lamp oil in 0.95 and 5 liter containers. We sell batches of any size: whether it be one bottle or a large order. The goods will be promptly delivered to any city in Ukraine.

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