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Manufacture and sale of Church Altar Candles. Wholesale and Retail.


Church altar wax candle - production,  wholesale and retail

The House of God is a prayerful place where the Lord is invisibly present, and every parishioner or a traveler who accidentally comes in feels a certain spirituality, absolution. The most sacred place of each church is the Altar. Altar wax candles are an integral part of it. They decorate the church, both on weekdays and on saint’s holidays, carrying secret and important meanings for every believer.

Budget friendly church altar wax candles – is our offer

The Kremenchug candle factory offers you a large selection of candle products from various raw materials, namely here you can order church altar candles based on a wax composition at an affordable cost.
The products are manufactured on modern machines of the German manufacturer "Herrhammer" and produced of solely high quality raw materials. A fully automated process allows our company to take on any volume of orders, to achieve high quality of products that strictly corresponds to the technology used at the enterprise.

Altar candles are presented in a convenient packaging (5 pcs/pack). Before packing and sending for sale, they are thoroughly checked and sorted out by employees of the Quality Control Department. Our products are distinguished by a long burning period, good elasticity, the ability to burn out to the end, keep their shape when melted, a long shelf life and a reasonable price.

Would you like to start cooperation with our company? Contact us in any convenient way and place an order for the required batch of goods.

We are sure that when purchasing church candles from us you will be satisfied with the quality, cost of products, as well as the friendly attitude and at the same time business approach of our employees.

Altar wax candles from our company are that particular products you were looking for in Ukraine!