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Manufacture and sale of Paraffin Church Candles. Wholesale and Retail.


Are interested in the wholesale of church paraffin candles? Are you looking for where to buy church candles in Ukraine to replenish the stock of the church shop or for other purposes? Please feel free to take a look at the range of products of the Kremenchug Candle Factory. Here you can purchase various religious products without an intermediary margin, namely to order candles of various sizes and purposes produced from the high-quality paraffin stock.

Paraffin church candles: basic information

Paraffin is understood as a chemical material, most of all obtained from oil-fuel and a mixture of a number of hydrocarbons. In the production of paraffin candles, synthetic wax substitutes, perfume additives, and dyes are added to the main component. Paraffin candles usually have light yellow color. Due to the use of artificial dyes, other colors can also be easily reached. Unlike wax products, paraffin products are characterized by a longer shelf life. Even after a long period, church candles made of paraffin do not change their shape or color. Another important advantage of paraffin candles is their low cost.

Inexpensive church candles - an advantageous offer from the manufacturing plant

For many years, our company has been engaged in serial production and wholesale and retail sales of a wide range of candle products. The production of church candles from paraffin under the Candy Light trademark is one of the main activities of the plant.

Technology of manufacturing the candles from paraffin at our factory

The specialists of the factory have at their disposal modern drum-type equipment of the well-known German manufacturer "Herrhammer", as well as high-quality, sanitary-safe raw materials.

The process of manufacturing church candles is as follows:

Repeatedly passing through the so-called "paraffin shower", the future candle gradually grows onto the wick placed inside. Each "shower" is alternated with air and water cooling. It is after the water cooling that the candle is hardened and in the finished version, as they say, it “dings”. After the candle in the course of the technological process has grown on the wick to a predetermined size, an automatic cutting takes place and the subsequent melting of the wick of the products finishes the candle. At the same time, the wick in the finished product is completely saturated with paraffin, and the candles are easily lit with further use in churches, at church services. In addition to the traditionally yellow candles, we also offer candles in red and black versions. At the request of the wholesaler, we will make products in other colors at the reasonable price. A distinctive feature of candles under our trademark is the fact that after melting in the wick area, they look like the domes of temples.

The candles offered by our factory have certificates, they are distinguished by high quality, ease of lighting, long burning time, pleasant colors. All products are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, safe if used correctly. For purchasing companies that are not familiar with our products and who faced with candles  of TM Candy Light for the first time, our company offers the opportunity to pre-check the quality of products by purchasing samples.

You can also buy candlesticks for church candles, a wick for icon lamps, hydro- treated premium lamp oil, church frankincense in assortment, ash-grey coal, holy water of Pochaev Mountain at affordable prices.

Do you like our offer, our products? Would you like to purchase paraffin church candles directly from the manufacturer? Place your order with us! Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the factory managers for clarification. They will be happy to provide you detailed information about the candles, prices, delivery, possible discounts and other points of interest of yours.