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Paraffin Church candles

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No. 20
No. 20  2 kg - 100 pcs. Ø ≈ 0,95 cm, ⇕ ≈ 29,5 cm
294.00 UAH
No. 8
No. 8  2 kg - 60 pcs. Ø ≈ 1,15 cm, ⇕ ≈ 30,00 cm
294.00 UAH
No. 30
No. 30 2 kg - 150 pcs. Ø ≈ 0,85 cm, ⇕ ≈ 27 cm
294.00 UAH
No. 40
No. 40  2 kg - 200 pcs. Ø ≈ 0,775 cm, ⇕ ≈ 25 cm
294.00  UAH
No. 60
No. 60  2 kg - 300 pcs. Ø ≈ 0,675 cm, ⇕ ≈ 21 cm
294.00 UAH
No. 80
No. 80 2 kg - 400 pcs. Ø ≈ 0,625 cm, ⇕ ≈ 19 cm
294.00 UAH
No. 100
No. 100  2 kg - 500 pcs. Ø ≈ 0,6 cm, ⇕ ≈ 16,5 cm
Available 294.00 UAH


Church paraffin candles, wholesale and retail with delivery across Ukraine, Kiev

The tradition of lighting candles in front of icons is rooted in high antiquity. The burning flame personifies the spiritual light of the human soul, symbolizes the enlightening teaching of Christ. By lighting a fire, the believer focuses on prayer, expresses his flaming love for the Lord.

Specific features of paraffin church candles

Paraffin wax is a synthetic material extracted from petroleum. It does not have its own taste, color or odor, and has a low melting point.

Paraffin candles have many benefits:

  • Products are produced in mass production, which significantly reduces the cost of the final product;
  • Paraffin candles are aesthetic, beautiful, elegant, create a festive triumphant atmosphere;
  • Additives make the material pleasant to the touch, smooth and slightly oily, and the perfume materials create a delicate honey smell when burning;
  • Products are stored for a long time without losing their excellent external and functional properties. Unlike wax candles, paraffin candles do not become covered with white bloom from old age, do not lose their color or shape;
  • When burning, paraffin products do not melt, but evaporate without creating smudges, which makes it easy to remove cinders from the candlestick, and church lamps to remain clean and tidy throughout the entire period of divine worship.

When essential oils are added to the material, a positive disinfecting effect can be obtained: harmful microorganisms or bacteria in the area of use will be destroyed.

Buy church paraffin candles from the manufacturer

We offer high-quality paraffin candles of a beautiful golden color, produced by fusing method on modern German equipment. The product is characterized by unsurpassed smoothness and durability, as it passed cold water cooling hardening during the manufacturing process. It burns for a long time with an even and clean fire, does not crumble, does not create drips. At the request of the customer, the name of any diocese can be stamped with pressing on the product.

The sale is carried out at affordable favorable prices directly from the manufacturer, wholesale and retail, with delivery to all towns and villages of Ukraine.

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