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Wick for oil lamps 1m

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The wick is the main element of the lamp

The icon lamp is a special attribute for believers. They are found not only in churches, but also at home. The heart of this item is the wick which provides burning and in fact functionality of the lamp. "Candle Factory" offers to buy a wick for icon lamps. With our products we guarantee that you get a smooth burning without release of unpleasant and harmful products.

Own production of wicks for icon lamps and favorable terms of cooperation

We are manufacturers and therefore we are not only responsible for the high quality of our products but also offer low prices. The whole eparchies cooperate with us, small churches and ordinary people are happy to buy wicks. For a symbolic price you will receive products made of:

  • from environmentally friendly raw materials;
  • using imported equipment.

The sale is carried out by meters: you can buy a wick for an icon lamp with a length of one meter or more. We are ready to ship a bulk batch of any length. Managers will answer your questions and the order will be promptly shipped and delivered to any city in Ukraine. You can pay by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

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