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Premium quality beeswax church candles

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We produce paraffin and wax church candles on the machine of the company "Herrhammer" (Germany). 

Almost all services in the church are somehow connected with the burning of candles. Even not the most religious people can put them for health or peace, not to mention more important processes such as liturgy or prayer services. Our factory makes high quality church candles from wax. They are used in services in churches, and they can also be lit at home, in a cemetery, etc.

Premium wax candles meet the highest quality standards

Candle Factory guarantees only the most favorable conditions for cooperation and the highest quality products. Our wax candles compare favorably with similar products of competitors:

  • no soot;
  • environmental safety;
  • different volume and length.

The wax is a natural raw material, so burning does not irritate the respiratory tract and there are no traces of soot on the walls and icons.

Wholesale and retail, any diameter and length

We cooperate with various church organizations, and we are also happy to release products to ordinary parishioners and believers. Buying a large batch will not be a problem, and wax candles of the highest grade are sold by weight, 2 kg each. Also, our candle factory is glad to retail purchasers, because the main thing for us is to satisfy the wishes of our customers.

In the store you will find products of different diameters - from 5.75 mm to 11 mm which can be put on various candlesticks, participating in different services and rituals. The same is about the length, in the assortment of the candle factory there are products from 16.5 to 36 cm long. The products are manufactured on Herrhammer machines, which guarantees their high quality. Just a couple of clicks to make an order and 1-3 days later the candles will be delivered to the specified address to any city in Ukraine.

 No. 10
No. 10 2 kg - 55 pcs.Ø ≈ 1.1 cm, ⇕ ≈36.0 cm
285.00 UAH
 No. 20
No. 20 2 kg - 100 pcs. Ø ≈ 0.95 cm, ⇕ ≈ 29.5 cm
285.00 UAH
 No. 40
No. 40 2 kg - 200 pcs. Ø ≈ 0,775 cm, ⇕ ≈ 25 cm
285.00 UAH
 No. 60
No. 60 2 kg - 300 pcs. Ø ≈ 0,70 cm, ⇕ ≈ 21 cm
285.00 UAH
 No. 80
No. 80 2 kg - 400 pcs. Ø ≈ 0,625 cm, ⇕ ≈ 19 cm
285.00 UAH
 No. 100
No. 100 2 kg - 500 pcs. Ø ≈ 0,575 cm, ⇕ ≈ 16.5 cm
285.00 UAH
Altar candle
117.00 UAH
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