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Frankincense Greek

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Ладан Грецький
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Buy Church Frankincense of first grade (A)

Entering even a small church you can clearly catch the pleasant notes of incenses. It is frankincense and it participates in many church services. We offer to purchase this product and honour services, prayers, liturgies. It is also can be lit in home if some rituals are performed outside the church.

Old recipes for making incense

"Candle Factory" produces frankincense and guarantees its high quality as well as one of the lowest prices in Ukraine. The product is based on African resin and the production technology we borrowed from the craftsmen who worked in the monasteries of the Mount Athos. You can choose different packaging, in the assortment of packaging you can find:

  • 50 gr;
  • 200 gr;
  • 1 kg.

It will not be a problem to deliver both a 50-gram package and a large batch of products.

High quality incense and beneficial cooperation with the "Candle Factory"

Our managers will answer all your questions and help you to place an order. It will be promptly delivered to any city in Ukraine. You can be sure that our frankincense will give only pleasant incense, the appearance of fumes, smoke and other foreign odors is completely excluded.

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